Maison Lavande, Morval

"The Somme" - a name that will live forever in history. One that evokes thoughts of the tragic period of the early 20th Century when nation fought nation. When glory was sought and found, but when misery and human suffering was never far away. So, although northern France is now among the most peaceful and relaxing of areas in which to holiday, no visitor will leave without having been touched by the Somme's terrible legacy.

The number of troops on all sides who were killed, injured and mentally scarred were unimaginably large. Yet the fact is that most soldiers returned home to their families and careers. So, while you take some time to remember the casualties, think too of the comradeship and fellowship that developed between men while serving in those foreign fields.

Albert with its world famous former "leaning Madonna" on the Basilica is close by. An interesting attraction is the system of tunnels underneath the streets of the town. These were used by troops - you can still see grafitti written and drawn by the Tommies. The "Somme 1916 Museum" is located in Albert and gives a realistic representation of life in the trenches. The Historial de la Grande Guerre at Peronne is also a must see. Vimy Ridge and Arras with its wonderful underground chambers are around ½ hour away by car.